You've Started Creating Your Financial Plan...What's Next?

Achieve Confidence and Financial Savvy with the Understanding Your Financials Course

Join the hundreds of business owners who have used Michele's step-by-step guidance to understand and control their finances. 

Control the Numbers Driving Your Business

If you've ever wondered...

  • Where is my money going?
  • Am I charging enough to cover all of my expenses?
  • Do I need to cut costs somewhere? And where?
  • Is my current financial trajectory going to last?
  • How do I know if I'm budgeting right?

You can stop wondering! Discover these answers, along with your confidence, in the Understanding Your Financials Course. 

“After working with Michele on understanding my financials - and opening the proverbial dark closet of the numbers - I can now say that my financials have seen the light, and I am much better for it. Understanding the numbers and the story they tell has empowered me as a business owner.”

- Kacey G.

Understanding Your Financials Course

In this online course you will:  

  • Learn how to BUDGET your company’s finances
  • Understand and measure your CASH FLOW
  • Create a solid and sustainable FINANCIAL PLAN
  • Set attainable financial GOALS for your business
  • Feel CONFIDENT in your financial decisions
  • Know how your TAXES are impacted

“After boosting my sales from five figures to six in one year, almost tripling what I made last year, I have more than paid for Michele’s services several times over.”

- Addie S.


Michele Williams, Founder & Presenter

Michele's background spans from Information Systems and building financial software to owning an interior design business for 16 years, buying and selling a company, and coaching and educating around pricing and profitability. That's not to mention her endless webinars, seminars, and courses dedicated to empowering business owners! Michele wastes nothing - all of her education and experience is combined in the Better Business Coaching System and is at-the-ready to make a difference in your life. Michele is known for her transparency, truth-talk (sprinkled heavily with love), and passionate enthusiasm. Scarlet Thread Consulting's mission is for each business owner who crosses their path to leave the meeting feeling excited, empowered, and confident. You will not be the same after working with Michele.


"Michele teaches wisdom and I am a better person because of her. With Michele, you will grow your business and your heart at the same time! "

Hope A.

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