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Understanding Your Financials For Your Interior Design Business

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You’re working hard. You’re meeting all of your clients’ needs as well as their dreams. You’ve even hired a bookkeeper and purchased a software package to help manage your money. But you still are not being paid consistently and don’t really have a handle on the financial health of your company. The real answer to this is confidence building. Plain and simple. Do you have the confidence to charge what you are worth and to then manage that income. If not, fortunately, there is a solution and you have the power within you to make a change. The one thing you must have is courage to learn what you don’t know. That is all. As a creative, you use the left, logical side of your brain all the time to solve problems for your clients. Let’s turn this powerhouse inward and use it to create a healthy financially viable business that pays you and your employees consistently. Now that is confidence! 

My new video course is designed to help you: 

  • identify the income and profit you need  
  • know where every dollar goes in your company 
  • make a plan and set goals for the income you desire 
  • manage the plan so you get the outcome you need  

and to feel excited about going to work each day (can you say reduced stress?).  

Here is what Jeff had to say after taking the course: “We all have those things in our lives we know we need to do, but never seem to get around to. Understanding a financial statement has been one of those things for me. Michele, you are removing the fog in a calm, deliberate and easy to understand method. Thank you! This has been a missing piece to my puzzle for way too long. “  

Let me help you build the confidence in YOU, your offerings, and your financials.  

You deserve it!  


You're in luck! Registration is open. 

Your price: $349