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  • Gain CONFIDENCE in every aspect of your life?

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- Annette F.

The Better Business Coaching System

In this self-pased online learning system you will:  

  • Define your WHY so you know exactly what you want to do with your business
  • Create products and services YOU LOVE and WANT to offer
  • Work with ideal clients who VALUE you
  • Create PRICING THAT WORKS for you and your client (without feeling guilty about it)

"I have grown from someone who was afraid of her own shadow into a confident professional… this has affected the way I handle my business, interact with clients, price my work, etc., but it has also overflowed into my personal life. I have far less fear after working with Michele, and when fear does come, I know how to use it to my advantage."

Annette F., Drapery Room


Michele Williams, Founder & Presenter

Michele's background spans from Information Systems and building financial software to owning an interior design business for 16 years, buying and selling a company, and coaching and educating around pricing and profitability. That's not to mention her endless webinars, seminars, and courses dedicated to empowering business owners! Michele wastes nothing - all of her education and experience is combined in the Better Business Coaching System and is at-the-ready to make a difference in your life. Michele is known for her transparency, truth-talk (sprinkled heavily with love), and passionate enthusiasm. Scarlet Thread Consulting's mission is for each business owner who crosses their path to leave the meeting feeling excited, empowered, and confident. You will not be the same after working with Michele.


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Hope A.

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